• Top Leading Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Dry Chemical Powder and Fire Fighting Products Manufacturer.

Company Profile

Founded in August-2007 and started production in January -2008. Swastik Technocast Limited is the premier supplier ofcomplete-to-print, high-volume, complex thin-wall investment ( Loss Wax Process) and Sand Casting and fully-finishedcasting-based subassemblies and components to industry. The company leads the industry in volume production, reducedlead-times and on time delivery. Swastik Technocast Limited. Produces castings in dozens of different alloys for a broadspectrum of global markets and customers.

Beyond the foundry, Swastik Technocast Limited is a leader in applying the latest technology and controls to the shop floorthroughout the manufacturing process of investment casting. The use of computer-aided design and manufacturingfacilitates a close working relationship with customers to design parts and components for maximum manufacturingefficiency. Automated machines are utilized in a variety of milling, boring, grinding and machining to bring final dimensionsto exact required by customer.

Swastik Technocast Limited has been providing customers with cost effective solutions to their casting needs for long time.Today, Swastik Technocast Limited is a modern diversified company with plant and manufacturing facilities occupyingmore than 28,000 square feet.

Meeting the technical requirements of a contract is essential, but not enough to maintain the advantage that SwastikTechnocast Limited holds in today's competitive marketplace. Customers demand and have come to expect a single sourcedelivering fully-finished components, just-in-time, and ready for assembly into the final product. To meet theserequirements we have experts to provide service from design through quotation, sampling, production, finishing,assembly, and delivery.

We've always taken pride in our company as more than just a place to work. It's a place where we're both personally andprofessionally committed to the satisfaction of each and every customer. In our relationships with customers, we try tokeep in mind that you're not just coming to us to buy castings, but to solve a particular problem.

Our management team has extensive experience in the investment casting industry - experience that will benefit youthrough higher quality parts, produced in time. We operate under a single tier management system, which allows us toprovide you with lightning-quick response to your needs.

Our Vision

We shall strive to be leaders in this business by offering products of a world class quality, and through constant technological innovation. We understand the needs of our customers and shall stay focused on them by offering themproducts, service and solutions of the highest quality.

Our Mission

Continue to be India's leading quality Investment Castings manufacturer through innovativeand cutting edge technology and method.

Our Strength

  • Time tested process controls supported by customized foundry software.

  • Capability to cast most complex shape in almost any air melts alloys.

  • Well qualified and skilled workforce.

  • Engineering support for implementing design alteration.

  • Castable and Injectable various waxes and ceramics core manufacturing facility.

  • State of art CNC machining facility with varying test bench to ensure 100% defect free supply.

  • State of art in house metal and ceramic testing labrartory including rediography sources IR 192 and Co-60 isotopes.
  • Our Awesome Features


    QUALITY is instilled in the work of our associates and every one of our VALUES. We have a steady PASSION for quality in all that we do.


    We surpass CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS for esteem and administration. We manufacture and keep up client connections and guarantee long haul fulfillment.


    We take a stab at nonstop change in our PERFORMANCE, measuring RESULTS precisely, and guaranteeing that trustworthiness and regard for individuals are never traded off.


    We have faith in TEAMWORK and the boundless conceivable outcomes of community vitality. We accomplish brilliance by putting COLLECTIVE GOALS in front of individual interests. We bolster and support open correspondence and important COOPERATION among associates from fluctuating foundations and orders.


    We continually look for INNOVATIVE approaches to Enhance our Products and Services and give esteem to our clients. We look for CONTINUOUS LEARNING by adjusting existing information, and additionally through research and experimentation, with the full understanding that we gain from our disappointments and also our victories.


    We have in house facility to process effluents and maintain zero effluents discharge as wellwax reclamation facility and ceramics waste for reusing in construction industries. We do care of environment by plantingmore and more trees that reach to count in thousands.